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The What To Do With The Kids Minute is an online podcast with serious and not so serious tips and advice on almost everything that has to do with kids and parenting.

Written and produced by Brian Presley, each What To Do With The Kids Minute podcast is one minute long and is available to listen by clicking on the play button below.  New episodes will be available regularly.

Episode 18-024 – Enough with the booing
Episode 18-023 – MeToo, Demi Lovato and mixed messages
Episode 18-022 – Introducing you and your kid to the babysitter
Episode 18-021 – How about self-driving education
Episode 18-020 – What to do with all of your kid’s arts and crafts
Episode 18-019 – Airport security and your kids 
Episode 18-018 – Teach your kids to swim
Episode 18-017 – Personal attacks on social media 
Episode 18-016 – No privacy on the internet  
Episode 18-015 – Mental health
Episode 18-014 – Cultural appropriation
Episode 18-013 – Visit a toy store
Episode 18-012 – The benefits of going to summer camp  
Episode 18-011 – Advise for victims of abuse 
Episode 18-010 – It’s okay not to send your kids over to houses where they smoke weed 
Episode 18-009 –  Teach your kids to respect the law 
Episode 18-008 – What about women’s safety? 
Episode 18-007 – Gender neutral 
Episode 18-006 – Let your kids ask questions
Episode 18-005 –  Show your daughters real role models 
Episode 18-004 – Stop teaching your kids to hate the refs
Episode 18-003 – School can make you money
Episode 18-002 – Eating at home 
Episode 18-001 – Keep kids clean  
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