Ways to keep your child safe on the internet

Another guest article for What To Do With The Kids Ways to keep your child safe on the internet

Like all things, the Internet has a downside. Certain websites and content can pollute children’s minds, introducing them to adult ideas at too young an age. Concerning online pop-ups, spam, and misinformation are unfortunately difficult to avoid when spending time on the computer. Now that many children are required to do homework assignments and connect with their classmates online, it is increasingly important to safeguard their devices as best we can.

As adults, we need to be mindful of the screen time our children spend surfing the web. Monitoring their every click will probably lead to some arguments, but fortunately there are numerous ways to teach Internet security.


Get the Whole Family Connected to the Cloud

One of the easiest ways to monitor your children’s time spent on the Internet without making them feel confined is to organize a family cloud-sharing network. Many families will often own a variety of devices, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. As the shareholders of our family memories and personal information, it only makes sense to find a storage network you all can trust.

By sharing access to files and media amongst the family, you will be able to know what your children are up to on the web, whether it be schoolwork, photos, or creative projects. There will be a greater understanding of how everyone uses the web, too, so you can better monitor your child’s need for using the Internet and even collaborate on projects together.


Other Safe Web Tips for Kids

In addition to using family cloud-sharing, you should also try to instill in your children the importance of Internet safety in our technology-fueled world. Tell your children that they must be conscious of their online reputation at all times, for it can affect future employment opportunities and their education. They should also learn how to protect their personal information by knowing not to give their name, address, or phone number to any website without your permission.

Other good tips for online safety for children include:

  • Never to meet someone in person that they may have met in a chat room or game center
  • Not to open e-mails from an unknown source
  • Not to partake in Internet bullying by engaging with mean messages or comments in any form
  • Know that everything posted online has the potential to last forever and be discovered by anyone

By instilling in your children that the Internet should be used with caution by sharing family cloud-storage and tips from experience, you can ensure that your child uses the web wisely and avoids its negative aspects.


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