Toilet Training 102

Toilet training can be one of the most frustrating and rewarding things a parent has to do.  Once completed, your kid is now (hopefully) independent enough to take care of themselves when it comes to using the bathroom.  Your house will no longer smell like one big diaper and you can stop calling your kid over, pulling open their pants a bit and smelling their butt.  Toilet training however should not stop there.

Toilet training 102 is when you teach your kid how to properly use a public washroom.  The main reason public washrooms are so disgusting is that very few people have graduated from TT102.  The good thing is that TT102 doesn’t take very long to master and much like bicycle riding, will stay with you for the rest of your life.  Parents should enroll their kids in TT102 immediately after completing the original toilet training.

The highlights of TT102 include:

-          Check to see if there is enough toilet paper before sitting.  See Lesson #11

-          Wiping the seat.

-          Putting toilet paper on the seat.

-          Flushing the toilet after use.

-          Make sure you don’t use an entire roll of toilet paper.

-          Do not urinate on the toilet seat and if you accidently do, wipe it off.

-          Boys:  Aim for the middle of the urinal.  See Lesson #89

-          Wash your hands afterwards using soap and water.

-          If you splash water on the counter or the mirror, wipe it off.

-          If using hand towels, throw them in the garbage can after use.

Bonus lessons:

-          If you use the last of the toilet paper, let someone know.

-          If there are no more soap or hand towels, let someone know.

-          There is no need to write on the walls.


There is absolutely no charge for TT102 except for a little time and patience.  Graduates will however be rewarded with a satisfying experience in public washrooms around the country.

Facilities that do offer public washrooms also have a responsibility to their customers.  Not only does the public use these but in many cases so do the staff.  Having a filthy washroom may also reflect badly on their company.

A few things that owners of public washrooms should consider:

-          Make sure your toilet paper dispenser has enough toilet paper.

-          Make sure you have soap and paper towels (if you don’t have a hand dryer.)

-          Make sure your hand dryer doesn’t just make noise.

-          Make sure your motion sensor taps and soap dispensers actually work.

-          Take down the cleaning schedule on the back of the door if you’re not going to follow it.

-          Make sure the locks on the stalls actually work.

-          Empty garbage cans regularly.

If everyone does their part, having to use a public washroom will no longer be the most disgusting thing they’ll have to do in their lives.



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