Summer Camp


Summer Camp advice from What To Do With The Kids


The What To Do With The Kids website was inspired by the self-published book of the same name by Brian Presley which is based on his years as a recreational and youth leader, counselor and program director at the local Boys and Girls Club and it’s residential summer camp.  The majority of games, crafts and activities were developed for a summer camp setting.

As a camper, counselor and senior staff member, camp is something that we feel every kid should have the opportunity to experience and for most people, memories of summer camp will last a lifetime and now as parents, we would like to pass on some advice for those thinking of sending their kids or even working at summer camp.


12 Things Parents Need to Know When Choosing a Summer Camp

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to picking a summer camp for your kids and we’ve narrowed it down to 12 areas that you need to know when your reading brochures and visiting websites.  Read it HERE.



Top 14 Things to Prepare You & Your Kid for Summer Camp

Summer camp can be an exciting time for both the kids and the parents but there are a few things to keep in mind before you start packing.  Most camps will provide you with a list of items that are needed but the following list has 14 suggestions from former campers and camp staff that you should be interested in. Read it HERE



Top 10 Skills needed to be a Good Camp Counselor

Now is the time for parents to start researching camps for their kids and there are a lot to choose from but it’s also the time of year when students have to start thinking about a summer job and being a camp counselor is a popular one.  How many other jobs do you know of that will pay you to play with kids?  Read the article HERE.