At what age is best for a kid to get a part-time job and what would that first job be?



What To Do With The Kids (WTDWTK) has just released its latest Special Report just in time for the summer season. WTDWTK contacted parents from around the United States, Canada and Great Britain through Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook as well as email, and asked them at what age is best for a kid to get a part-time job and what would that first job be? The full report is available at

WTDWTK received over 689 suggestions from 547 submissions and the most popular age suggested was 14 and the best job would be yard work. Yard work includes raking leaves, cutting grass and for those in the north, shovelling snow.

The next popular age was a tie between 15 and 16 year olds. For 15 year olds, yard work was the most popular response but for 16 year olds, babysitting was the favorite.

As for part-time jobs, yard work and babysitting were closely followed by newspaper delivery and food service.

The traditional lemonade stand ranked high with those 8 years and younger, 9 and 10 year olds while chores around the house ranked first in all three.

The vast majority of comments described having a part-time job as a way for kids to learn responsibility and money management. They also said it was an ideal way of developing a kid’s self-esteem and realization that they must earn if they want to spend.


At what age can a kid get a part-time job?*

Age 14                    24%
Age 15                    19%
Age 16                    19%
Age 12                    17%
Age 13                    12%
Age 11                    11%
Age 10                    10%
Age 9                       7%
Age 8 & under         7%


What is the best part-time job for them?*

Yard work                         23%         Grass cutting, leaf raking, snow shovelling
Babysitting                        17%         Non-family babysitting
Newspaper Delivery        17%         Daily, weekly and flyer delivery
Food Service                     15%         Fast food companies, serving, cooking or cleaning
Chores                               14%         Dishes, cleaning
Other                                 10%         Odd jobs, house painting, door to door sales
Retail                                  7%         Non-food stores, sales, stocking shelves
Lemonade Stand              6%         Traditional front lawn enterprise
Labor                                  5%         Lots of lifting
Recreation                         3%         Supervising, refereeing, coaching
Dog Walking                     2%         Taking dogs for a walk
Pet Sitting                          2%         Feeding and cleaning pets in people’s homes
Grocery Store                    2%         Stocking shelves and bagging groceries
Tutoring                             1%         Working with younger kids

* Many people suggested more than one response which has resulted in the total not equal to 100%.


Best jobs by age group (based on number of jobs suggested for that age group):

8 Years & Younger
Chores (51%)
Lemonade Stand (15%)
Pet Sitting (12%)

Age 9
Chores (39%)
Lemonade Stand (34%)
Yard Work (11%)
Pet Sitting (8%)
Other (8%)

Age 10
Chores (29%)
Newspaper Delivery (18%)
Lemonade Stand (13%)
Dog Walking (9%)
Other (9%)
Yard Work (7%)
Pet Sitting (5%)
Babysitting (4%)
Retail (4%)
Plant Sitting (2%)

Age 11
Yard Work (36%)
Newspaper Delivery (26%)
Chores (13%)
Babysitting (11%)
Other (10%)
Dog Walking (3%)

Age 12
Babysitting (32%)
Newspaper (23%)
Yard Work (19%)
Other (12%)
Chores (8%)
Recreation (3%)
Door to Door (2%)

Age 13
Newspaper (26%)
Yard Work (23%)
Babysitting (20%)
Other (16%)
Labor (8%)
Chores (7%)

Age 14
Yard Work (24%)
Food Service (19%)
Babysitting (17%)
Newspaper Delivery (13%)
Labor (5%)
Retail (4%)
Dog Walking (4%)
Chores (3%)
Grocery Store (3%)
Recreation (3%)
Other (2%)
Tutoring (2%)
House Painting (2%)

Age 15
Food Service (23%)
Yard Work (22%)
Retail (16%)
Newspaper (12%)
Labor (9%)
Babysitting (8%)
Other (5%)
Recreation (4%)
Tutoring (2%)

Age 16
Food Service (31%)
Retail (16%)
Babysitting (14%)
Yard Work (12%)
Labor (8%)
Grocery Store (6%)
Other (6%)
Recreation (5%)
Tutoring (4%)


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