Do you give your kid’s teacher an end of year gift? If so, what would it be? If not, why not?



What To Do With The Kids (WTDWTK) is pleased to announce that we have just released our latest WTDWTK Special Report just in time for the end of the school year. We asked parents if they were going to give their kid’s teacher a gift at the end of the school year and if they were what it would be. We also asked if they weren’t planning on giving anything, why not? Through Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and by email, 484 parents submitted over 800 suggestions.

Here are the highlights:

72% of respondents said they were going to give the teacher a gift while 28% replied that they would not. Of those who were not giving, 58% of the respondents commented that the teachers were doing their jobs and that 25% felt it wasn’t necessary.

Of those giving, gift cards and gift certificates were the most popular at 46%. A hand written thank you note was second at 42% while baked goods came in third at 26%.

Coffee shops accounted for 50% of all gift card/certificates while 14% were to a spa and 10% to a restaurant. 8% of responses said they were giving a gift card/certificate to a liquor or wine store.

Of all the gift suggestions, 13 people were planning on giving a dictionary since they noticed far too many spelling mistakes made by the school and the teacher on returned assignments, notes and report cards.


The results are:

     Will you be giving your kid’s teacher an end of year gift?
                 Yes 72%
                 No 28%

     If not, why not? 

                 It’s their job  58%
                 It’s not necessary 25%
                 It’s not appropriate 11%
                 They are paid well 6%

     If yes, what are you giving?

                 Gift Card/Gift Certificate 46%
                 Hand written hank you note 42%
                 Baked goods  26%
                 Other (bookmarks, toys, etc.) 20%
                 Box of Chocolate 16%
                 Personalized homemade gift 12%
                 Coffee Mug  5%
                 Photo of their kids 5%
                 Dictionary  3%


     Types of Gift Cards/Gift Certificates:

                 Coffee Shop  50%
                 Spa  14%
                 Restaurant  10%
                 Wine/Liquor Store 8%
                 Other (specialty shops) 6%
                 Home/Hardware Store 4%



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