At What Age Can Kids Date?



What To Do With The Kids (WTDWTK) asked adults what they thought was an appropriate age for kids to start dating.

What To Do With The Kids asked adults using Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and email to submit their views and 284 people responded. The results are not scientific and are solely based on all responses received.

The overwhelming choice for the appropriate age for kids to start dating is 16 years. With 42% of the votes, adults felt that kids are ready to date at 16 while the next popular age (14%) was the age of 18.

An interesting response given was not age but the level of maturity. 9% of respondents replied that the level of maturity for both people were a factor in allowing them to date. A few have mentioned that they’ve let their 13 and 14 year olds date because of their maturity.

With the vast majority of votes going to the ages of 16 and under, a number of respondents stated that they had a number of conditions the kids had to follow. 28% of those allowed their kids to go on a “group” date which involved two or more other people. 10% specified that their kids could go only if the parents would drive them to a location such as a movie theater, and pick them up immediately after at the same location. 4% of them had a set time for the date to end and their kid to return home.


At what age can kids date?

Age 16                    42%
Age 18                   14%
Age 17                   13%
Mature Enough  9%
Age 15                   4%
Age 14                   3%
Age 13                   2%


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