WTDWTK 2013 Best & Worst Role Models


What To Do With The Kids® is pleased to release our third annual WTDWTK Best & Worst Role Models for Kids.  With a record 823 submissions, Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus top the lists as the worst male and female role models for kids with over 90% of entries naming them number one.

What a difference a year makes for Justin Beiber.  Believe it or not, in 2011 and 2012 Justin was voted the top role model for boys!  It seems that fighting the paparazzi, peeing in a bucket in a restaurant, smoking marijuana and posing naked with only a guitar covering his “little beiber” will get you to number one on our list.

In just the last few months, Cyrus has skyrocketed from last year’s number 5 spot to the overall number one spot of worst role model for girls faster than, well, Miley twerking at an awards show.  For the majority who voted for Miley, many said that she was going “over the top” to try to eliminate her Hanna Montana image and that her latest exploits have virtually destroyed any chance of being taken seriously as an adult.

Kanye West joined the list for the first time in second place as the worst role model for boys.  It seems that Kim’s baby daddy tried very hard to make our list by becoming the biggest a-hole of all time in the entertainment industry.  Anyone who refers to himself as a god and the greatest performer of all time has some issues.  It should be noted that most of the votes for Kanye included a number of obscenities and suggestions that are physically impossible to do.

Now what would this list be without Kim Kardashian?  Her numerous “reality” shows keep her at the top of everybody’s worst role model list.  Her partnering with Kanye will ensure that they both stay at the top of everyone’s “what the hell are they doing now” list.  The rest of the Kardashian family however has dropped out of the top 5 but we think that with the recent launch of Kris Jenner’s talk show they will be back.

Rhianna has entered the list for the first time with her drug smoking and half naked photos on social media.  Most parents however say that the reason she’s on the list is because of her on again romance with our number three pick Chris Brown.  Brown himself is on the list because people can’t forgive him for beating Rhianna up.

Just like Brown, Lance Armstrong stays in the top 5 because of the doping that he admitted to over a year ago.  Our favorite train-wrecks Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes round out our top five females while honorable mention goes to Honey BooBoo and her family who came very close to making our list.  Our number five worst role models for boys is a collection made up of a number of rap singers that we decided to group them all together.

The submissions for best role models for kids are always a lot tougher since these people don’t usually make the news.  Last year’s winner Malala Yousufzai the young advocate for girl’s education who survived an assassination attempt was replaced by boyfriend-hating songstress Taylor Swift.

Jennifer Lawrence enters the list at number two and everyone’s favorite Selena Gomez holds down the number three spot.  Kate Middleton who has done something so unique, marrying rich and having a baby, holds down the number four spot while Oprah Winfrey returns to our list at number five.

Best role model for boys went to the English boy band One Direction.  Many said that they have a “Beatles” type of charm about them that makes them good role models.  Musically the submission didn’t know many of their songs but since they haven’t been in any real trouble yet, they sit at the number one spot this year.

Justin Timberlake enters the list at number two while A Boy’s Father drops from two to three which is quite interesting since a Girl’s Mother didn’t even make the top five for girls.  Actor Michael J. Fox enters the list with many saying that his return to television is inspiring since he continues to battle Parkinson’s disease.

What To Do With The Kids® Best & Worst Role Models for Kids in 2013 are:


Worst Role Model for Boys                                                 

1.  Justin Bieber
2.  Kanye West
3.  Chris Brown
4.  Lance Armstrong
5.  Male Rappers


Best Role Model for Boys                                                     

1.  One Direction
2.  Justin Timberlake
3.  A Boy’s Father
4.  Michael J. Fox
5.  Barack Obama


Worst Role Model for Girls

1.   Miley Cyrus
2.   Rihanna
3.   Kim Kardashian
4.   Lindsay Lohan
5.   Amanda Bynes


Best Role Model for Girls

1.   Taylor Swift
2.   Jennifer Lawrence
3.   Selena Gomez
4.   Kate Middleton
5.   Oprah Winfrey


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