100 Lessons Kids Should Learn #81 – #90


What To Do With The Kids believes that many kids today are lacking the skills they need to cope with life and are not prepared for the real world.

100 Lessons Kids Should Learn is designed to help adults prepare kids for the harsh reality of the real world.  




81.  Cheer for other people.

They may just do the same for you someday.


82.  There is always someone out there smarter, faster, better looking and more talented than you.

So just be the best that you can be.


83.  Your parents ARE the boss of you.

Until you are 18, they are your boss. If you don’t like it then grow older, go to school, get a job and get your own place. THEN and only then will they stop being the boss of you.


84.  School allows you to learn in a few days what people have learned in a lifetime.


85.  The world does not revolve around you.

When you are dead and buried, the sun will still rise, the birds will still sing and the Cubs may never win the World Series.


86.  Do it right the first time.

Short cuts don’t always work and you may end up having to do it over again because you made a mistake. Following instructions will be the fastest way to complete the task without sacrificing anything.


87.  Weapons

Using a weapon is not the worst way to hurt someone. Try a lawsuit instead. It lasts longer, is more painful in the long term AND you might just make some money. No one ever had a lawsuit “accidentally go off.”


88.  Competitive vs. Cooperative.

When you are competitive, you play hard and try to beat the other team. When you are cooperative you play for fun and don’t keep score.


89.  Boys: Aim for the middle of the bowl



90.  Girls: Wipe from front to back




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