100 Lessons Kids Should Learn #21 – #30


What To Do With The Kids believes that many kids today are lacking the skills they need to cope with life and are not prepared for the real world.

100 Lessons Kids Should Learn is designed to help adults prepare kids for the harsh reality of the real world.  




21.  Enjoy what you have and quit wasting your time thinking about what you don’t have.

You know what you have so use it and make the best of it. Use your imagination. You will be amazed at what you can do.


22.  You can’t control what people think.

Some people will like you and some won’t. Some won’t like you and they don’t even know you. Don’t sweat it. If they like you it’s because you are who you are.


23.  Learn to swim

You shouldn’t die in a few inches of water. Swimming is a skill you will never forget and will save your life or the life of someone you love.


24.  If you want to be different don’t bother with tattoos, piercings and funny haircuts.

Since many people do these, it’s not really different anymore. Be different by making a difference. Volunteer at a non-profit organization, plant a tree or help clean up a park.


25.  Use your imagination.

Great inventions are the result of people who used their imaginations. If it weren’t for imagination there would be no TV, video games, popcorn, beds or those little plastic tabs at the end of shoe laces.


26.  Don’t put yourself in a situation you can’t handle.

Recognize when the driver has been drinking and don’t get in the car. Know when to walk away when an argument gets out of hand. Don’t do the crime if you’re not prepared to do the time (in jail).


27.  It’s okay to be afraid. Just don’t let it control you.

Some things may scare you or make you nervous and that’s okay. As long as there is no danger of hurting yourself or others, is illegal or immoral, try to work through it. If you still can’t do it, ask for help.


28.  You always have time.

Cell phones, jet planes, the latest fashions and cartoons were all created by people who had the same hours per day that you have.


29.  A parent’s job is to worry about you, so accept it.

They changed your diaper, wiped your nose, fed you, clothed you and bought you toys you only played with a few times over many years. They aren’t about to stop looking after you now.


30.  Help when you can.

There is always someone who can use help: An elderly woman carrying groceries; a neighbor who needs help in their yard; a kid having trouble with homework; a community event needing volunteers.



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