100 Lessons Kids Should Learn #51 – #60


What To Do With The Kids believes that many kids today are lacking the skills they need to cope with life and are not prepared for the real world.

100 Lessons Kids Should Learn is designed to help adults prepare kids for the harsh reality of the real world.  



51.  Smoking.

It’s not cool anymore and it’s expensive. It gives you dull yellow teeth and fingers. It also helps keep people away since you’ll stink!


52.  Read labels

Food labels, medicine dosage labels and instruction sheets. You can get hurt or hurt someone else if you don’t.


53.  Be a role model for other kids.

Young kids see what you do and want to do the same. If you act out, they will act out. If you throw a fit, they’ll do the same. Be a role model by doing positive things. Help around the house without be asked or clean up after yourself. When the little ones see that, they’ll do the same.


54.  The world will always need plumbers, electricians and carpenters.

Don’t be afraid to learn a trade. The world’s richest people need someone to build their mansions, yachts and swimming pools. They aren’t going to do it.


55.  Don’t believe everything you see on TV, online or in movies.

It’s all make-believe.


56.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

How else are you going to learn?


57.  Learn to play music.

Music let’s your brain discover new thoughts and feelings. It can make you feel happy, sad and everything inbetween. Learn to play and share it with the world.


58.  If someone is telling you to come with them because they say something happened to your parents or they need help finding a puppy, don’t believe them.

Don’t believe them and run to somewhere safe like a school, church, store or to a neighbor.


59.  Clubs not gangs.

There is nothing good about being in a gang. If you want to be with a bunch of people who understand you, know what you’re going through and want to do things with you then join a club. There are a million more clubs than gangs like baseball clubs, football clubs, soccer clubs, running clubs, photography clubs. When was the last time you heard of a chess club causing trouble or getting busted by the cops?


60.  Visit your dentist.

Since you use your teeth every day, you have to look after them and that means visiting the dentist. They’ll clean them and check them out to see if there are any problems and fix them for you. Remember: without teeth you can’t eat chips, chocolate bars and candy. Don’t forget to brush too.




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