So You Want to be a Babysitter?


SitterAdvantageBabysitting looks like an easy job and a great way to make money without doing any real work but even if you like kids, there’s more to it than just putting them in front of the television.

As the babysitter, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of all kids in your care.  You must have complete control and understand the consequences of your actions if the kids are to be safe.   You need to take responsibility and if you’re properly prepared, it can be fun for both you and the kids.

Not everyone is cut out to be a babysitter however.  Some sitters prefer to look after babies while others will only look after toddlers and that’s okay.  You need to be comfortable with the situation or something bad can happen.

The following questionnaire is not designed to scare you but to prepare you to be the babysitter that parents trust and the kids like.  Answer the following questions honestly.


  1. Do you really like babies?  (Yes/No)
  2. Do you really like toddlers?  (Yes/No)
  3. Do you really like kids between the ages of 6 – 10?  (Yes/No)
  4. Do you really like kids between the ages of 10 – 14?  (Yes/No)
  5. Do you think you are dependable?  (Yes/No)
  6. Do you think you are energetic?  (Yes/No)
  7. Do you think you are responsible?  (Yes/No)
  8. Do you think you have a sense of humor?  (Yes/No)
  9. Can you adapt to situations?  (Yes/No)
  10. Do you like playing games?  (Yes/No)
  11. Do you think you are honest?  (Yes/No)
  12. Can you handle pressure?  (Yes/No)
  13. Have you ever supervised kids before?  (Yes/No)
  14. Is making money more important than looking after the kids?  (Yes/No)
  15. Have you taken a recognized babysitting course?  (Yes/No)
  16. If not, do you feel that you need to take a recognized babysitting course?  (Yes/No)
  17. Do you know First-Aid?  (Yes/No)
  18. If not, do you feel that you need to take a recognized First-Aid course?  (Yes/No)


Compare your answers to the comments below.

A, B, C, D.:
Not everyone is comfortable babysitting all ages.  Your answers will help you decide which babysitting jobs you want or don’t want.

Parents will be counting on you to arrive at the right time and to follow instructions.  If you don’t think you are dependable then you shouldn’t be a babysitter.

Kids have lots of energy and may be overly excited when you arrive.  Be aware that you must be awake and alert at all times no matter what time it is.

You have an important job in looking after the kids.  Once you accept the job, you have to do it and that means keeping the kids safe.

Not vital but it does help when dealing with kids. Just don’t let them get away with things you know they aren’t allowed to do.

Things change very quickly and sometimes you need to do something different while still completing the task at hand.  The bed-time routine may have to change but they still need to get ready and get to bed.

Not vital but it does help to keep the kids busy and make it fun for everyone.

You need to be honest, especially with the parents.  You have to tell them everything that has happened and sometimes tell them what didn’t happened.  They don’t want to hear about an incident from their kids.

Pressure comes from having to have something done a certain way or by a certain time and sometimes the kids won’t cooperate.  You will need to handle the pressure from the parents and the kids.  Some things just have to be done.

Not vital but if you have had to supervise kids before then you may have an understanding of what is involved.

Money is great but if you are more interested in being paid at the end of the job than looking after the kids then you shouldn’t be a babysitter.

A recognized babysitting course will teach you what to do but you will still need to want to be a babysitter.  If you’re not excited about it then you might not want to be a babysitter.

Many people will tell you that it’s very easy to look after kids because they’ve never had a problem.  A babysitting course will show what to do if something happens.

Knowing First-Aid is more than just putting a bandage on a boo-boo.

A First-Aid course can help you save a kid’s life.  Taking a recognized First-Aid and even a CPR course will give the parents confidence in your ability to look after their kids.


Do you still want to be a babysitter?

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