SitterAdvantage for Event Sitters


SitterAdvantage for Event SittersSitterAdvantage is the app designed to provide important information about the kids in your care at the touch of a button.  The Emergency page allows you to contact 911 and to contact the parents at the event easily.


Important Information about Each Kid

When a kid is dropped off it only takes a minute for you to ask the parent for the important information you need in case of an emergency or to contact them.

Information about each kid includes:  full name; date of birth; gender; any allergies they have; any handicaps or disabilities they have; and any medications they are taking.  There is also an area to enter any other information that the parents feel is important.

A photograph is also taken of each kid and becomes part of their profile.  The photograph can also be taken of the parent with the kid for security purposes.


Emergency Help at the Touch of a Button

In case of an emergency, you open the Emergency page and press the “Call 911” icon.  Once the emergency has been verified you press send.  This two-step process helps eliminate unnecessary calls for emergency help that may result in a fine or even suspension of service.

Going to the Client’s page and selecting a family/kid’s name, then selecting the Emergency tab will open information about the kid and the parent’s contact information.  Having this information will help you better communicate with emergency help.


Emergency Help Can Find Them

The “Find my Location” icon on the Emergency page will use your smart phone’s GPS to find your location.  A great feature for when you are at a venue you’ve never been to before.


SitterAdvantage Emergency Page

Help Finding a Lost Kid

The photo that was taken as part of your kid’s profile can be used by the authorities if they should go missing.


Parent’s Instructions Can be Followed

The Task section allows you to enter important tasks that the parents have given you.  Everything from dietary restrictions to when to give medication can be entered along with any special instructions.  An alarm can also be set to remind you of the task.


Contact the Parents at the Touch of a Button

The Emergency page for each parent/kid in the Client section has the parent’s contact information available including icons to contact them by text, telephone or email.  A pre-written text message can be edited prior to sending.

This feature can also be used in non-emergency situations to contact the parents when needed.


Games, Crafts and Activities Available

SitterAdvantage also has links to Games, Crafts and Activities on What To Do With The Kids. 


All Information is Secured

SitterAdvantage does not transmit any information.  There is no advertising and all information can be deleted completely at the end of the event with the swipe of a finger.


Download SitterAdvantage

SitterAdvantage is available for Android, iPhone and costs less than a cup of coffee.


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