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SitterAdvantage is the babysitting app that makes sitters and nannies better
and gives parents the peace-of-mind of knowing their kids are happy and safe.


Carmi Levy discusses SitterAdvantage

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All About SitterAdvantage

SitterAdvantage is the babysitting app from What To Do With The Kids that will not only make sitters and nannies better but also offer parents the peace-of-mind of knowing that their kids are happy and safe.  Available for the iPhone and Android, this app helps sitters choose the right jobs, have fun with the kids and helps keep them safe in the event of an emergency.



Easily Enter Important Information Emergency Page in SitterAdvantage

When you arrive at a job, simply enter the parent’s contact information and important information about the kids including their name, birth date and any allergies, handicaps or disabilities they may have. Use the photo feature to take a picture of each kid which becomes part of their profile. This information is very important in the event of a medical emergency or if one of the kids goes missing.


Emergency Help in the Palm of Your Hand

An emergency button is located on every page of SitterAdvantage and when pressed it opens the Emergency page which features the “Call 911” icon. Once pressed, the telephone feature of your smartphone opens and all you need to do is press send. This two-step process helps prevent accidental dialing of emergency services.

If you leave with the kids to go to the park or out shopping, you can press the “Show my Location” icon on the Emergency page and SitterAdvantage uses your smartphone’s GPS to find where you are.


Contact the Parents Easily

You can also contact the parents quickly by either phone or by sending a pre-written emergency text. You can also use these features when there isn’t an emergency. Just to keep the parents up to date if they want.



Don’t Miss Special Instructions

If the parents have any special instructions you won’t have to worry about forgetting them since you can enter them in the Tasks section and schedule a reminder. It’s great for things such as bedtime or for the really important things such as when you have to give the kids their medication. It will help to keep you organized.



Prepare For The JobResources page on SitterAdvantage

The checklists in the Resources section will help you find the right job, prepare for the job and remind you of what to look for in the home when you arrive such as where the exits are and if there is a first-aid kit nearby.

Most parents are happy to have someone looking after their kids but most would prefer that their kids not spend their time watching a screen. SitterAdvantage has links to a lot of games, crafts and activities on so you can find the right things to do that will make it fun for both you and the kids.



Safe and Secure

SitterAdvantage is also safe and secure. It doesn’t transmit any information, it has no advertising, no in-app purchases and the parents can always ask you to delete any of their information about them and their kids. Any information entered into SitterAdvantage stays in the app and is only used if there is an emergency.

SitterAdvantage will help make you a better sitter and the parents will have the peace of mind of knowing that if you need it, help is in the palm of your hand.


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