Review: Kidville presents Rockin’ Railroad


CD-Cover-2Kidville presents Rockin’ Railroad is a collection of songs that both kids and adults would enjoy listening to.  The songs on this CD speak to kids but with enough pop that they won’t outgrow it in a few years.

The music itself is well played, arranged and produced.  Far too many CD’s for kids these days are made by a singer with a synthesizer so it was great to hear an actual band playing.  The songs range in length from 40 seconds to just under 3 minutes except for the final track which is a great tune for winding the kids (and parents) down.

The vocals are clear and easily understood which is not always the case with kid’s music.  The lyrics encourage the audience to get up and move.  Although most of the songs are pop, they’ve thrown in some Spanish flamenco, Hawaiian and Reggae in the mix.

The CD starts with a couple of railroad themed songs and ends with the train ride ending before winding down with the very mellow “Imagination.”  The one song that caught our attention was “Anything Pop” which the parents really enjoyed and with some thinking that they’ve heard it on the radio before.

Overall we feel this is a great CD for both kids and parents.


Our Recommendation: Yes!


The CD is available on iTunes or by visiting


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