No Time for Hate and other Songs for Schools

No Time for Hate and other Songs for Schools reviewed by What To Do With The Kids

There are a number of songs available that promote the anti-bullying cause but this CD from singer/songwriters Annie Lynn and Chris Arms of Philadelphia is exceptional. 

No Time for Hate and Other Songs for Schools not only has a great message about bullying prevention but also motivates and inspires kids to be brave and kind to others and to the environment.  This multi award winning CD also sounds great!

Starting off as a project for her son’s school, Annie joined local musician/producer Chris Arms to write and record a number of songs for the school to use.  The lyrics and music became so popular that they decided to offer their work to other schools for their own use but there is much more to this collection that we like.

No Time for Hate and Other Songs for Schools can easily be incorporated into a school’s current anti-bullying and environmental conservation programs and is designed to make the kids themselves part of the music which will ideally make the message more memorable. 

For each song on the CD, there is a karaoke version available with the lyrics available at no charge on YouTube and in printed form on their website.  Kids using the YouTube lyrics can learn the songs at home and even choose what parts they would like to sing.  The lyrics are well written and easy to sing along to.

The music itself is very good.  The musical arrangements, the harmonies and vocals are clear, clean and sound very professional so adults will enjoy it as well.  You will appreciate their musical talents when you listen to the karaoke versions.  It can also be a great addition to the pre-school collection of music you and your kids listen to.

If your kid’s school has an anti-bullying program, we highly recommend that you introduce No Time for Hate into the curriculum.  If you’re not sure how, contact Annie Lynn and she’ll explain how it can add to your existing program. 

No time for Hate and Other Songs for Schools can be purchased in both digital and CD format at  while Annie Lynn’s YouTube Channel can be found at

To discover more about this award winning singer/songwriter/musician and her dedication to the end of bullying and to her love of the environment, visit .

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