Review: “I Like Being a Kid” by Stevie D


Stevie D is a musician from Manorville, New York and has released a CD of kid’s music entitled “I Like Being A Kid.”

Stevie has been making music for over 30 years and his many influences appear on this CD while keeping the music fun and easy to understand for the little ones. The instruments and arrangements are very clean while the lyrics are fun and silly sometimes.

The CD starts with Stevie D declaring how much he likes being a kid on “I Like Being a Kid” and quickly rolls into “Let’s Get Funky” which is almost guaranteed to get the adults to stand up and start moving to the music. You can almost picture the young kid adding his “oh yaaa” dressed in funky clothing, grooving to the beat.

What are kid’s songs without music about the things adults take for granted. “Car Ride”, “I Like Bananas” and “Candy Apples” will now pop into your head the next time you take the kids for ride, go to the grocery store or the local fair.

I Like Being a Kid by Stevie DFor a little Reggae, “Move Like a Jelly Fish” will make you feel like you’re on a beach in Jamaica and “Summertime” is a catchy tune that the kids will be singing on the way to the beach during summer vacation.

Your kid can really rock with “Hold Me Like a Baby” which is about a kid who wants to be held by his parents when he’s mad, sad or even when he doesn’t eat his spinach.  You know this kid really loves his mother when he sings “when she holds me it’s better than chicken and gravy!”

I almost wish my kids were babies again after hearing “Change Your Diaper.” This catchy tune is only 48 seconds long but would make changing them a lot more fun. Just try to sing “We gonna change your diaper; make it nice and clean; we gonna wipe your hinny; make it nice and clean” and not smile.

You’ll want to march around the room with the kids in your own little parade just before you put them to bed with “Sing and Dance.” The last song “Serenity” is the ideal piece of music to put the kids to bed with. This beautiful song displays Stevie D’s talent as a musician. It almost makes you wonder why this song is on a kid’s CD. Your kid will easily begin to relax as the song plays and you may even find it hard to stay awake since it’s such a relaxing piece of music.

The sound quality is excellent but unfortunately there is nothing else that comes with the CD besides the cardboard sleeve. More information about Stevie D, the musicians and even the lyrics are missing but don’t let that minor inconvenience take away from the music.

As a stay at home dad who has listened to Sharon, Lois and Brams, Fred Penner, Raffi and dozens of others for far too many years, I would list “I Like Being a Kid” as one of my top three favorites.


Our Recommendation: Yes!


Stevie D’s “I Like Being a Kid” is a great CD that you and your kids will love from beginning to end. The CD is available for download on CDBaby for only $9.99 or you can download any of the 13 songs for .99¢ each.


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