Review: Hangman Furniture and TV Anti-Tip Kits


Hangman-ProductsHangman Products of California have two anti-tip kits that we think parents of small kids must have in their homes.  The furniture anti-tip kit and the TV anti-tip kits are simple solutions that could help avoid a disastrous situation.

One of the most common problems people face with a small child is “baby-proofing” their home.  Many homes will have plastic covers on the electrical outlets, corner pads on the coffee table and gates across stairways but some may miss the most obvious and that’s furniture.

Where you see a book case or dresser drawers, a kid may see it as a ladder to get to the top and the danger is not only when they fall but when the furniture falls on top of them.    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that tens of thousands of kids are injured or even killed by furniture falling on them every year.  One of the most common situations is when kids try to get to a television.  Today’s flat screens do save space but they are very heavy and can seriously hurt or kill a child if it falls on them.

Hangman Products have created simple kits to help prevent this type of accident.

The furniture anti-tip kit is easy to install.  The pieces are made of steel and the cable used to connect the furniture to the wall is galvanized aircraft steel.  The secret to its success however is how it is installed.

One end must be attached to a solid part of the furniture.  With solid wood that is not a problem but with other “Swedish” type of furniture which uses thin particle board not so much.  Some manufacturers also use thin backing board on the back of bookcases and dressers.  In these situations it would be better to make a small hole in the back of the backing board, thread the cable through and attach it to the underside of a solid shelf.

The other important factor is to attach the other end to a stud in the wall.  In most houses, studs are 2 by 4’s that the drywall is attached to.  Attaching the end to a piece of drywall or plaster, even with an anchor, will not work.  Stud finders are available at your local hardware store and are very easy to use.

The television anti-tip kit works the same but is for flat screens only.  One end is attached to a stud on the wall while the other end gets screwed into one of the four mounting holes found on the back of most flat screens.

Always test to make sure that everything is solid.  Hangman claims that their kits can withstand  up to 400 lbs. so give it a good tug to make sure everything is secure.

Another great feature is that the cable is held to the bracket with a pin.  If you ever need to move the furniture for cleaning, simply remove the pin and return the pin when done.

The furniture anti-tip kit starts at $9.99 and the TV anti-tip kit starts at $19.99.  For those who are interested, the anti-tip kits are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Our Recommendation: Yes!

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