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What To Do With The Kids Approval

What To Do With The Kids® is committed to providing honest reviews of the products and services submitted to us.  We do not receive any type of fee, do not participate in any commissioned sales or affiliate program and do not require the manufacturer to purchase any products or services from us.

We must have the product in our possession or have full access to the service in order to review.  We will not review a product or service based marketing material.

Products and services that have met our criteria will receive our seal at no charge and for unlimited use by following our Corporate Identification Policy.


What We Review

  • Toys                                
  • Games (not video)      
  • Music on CD                    
  • Movies on DVD
  • Food and Snacks          
  • Kid’s picture books      
  • Arts & Crafts Kits or Projects
  • Safety Products           
  • Room decorations        
  • Websites

If you are unsure if your product qualifies, please contact us.


How it Works:

  • Download an Application Form for each product or service.  Forms in PDF below. 
  • Reviews will only be accepted from the manufacturer.
  • Send two (2) copies of the product including a separate Application Form for each one.
  • Each product must be sent in the same packaging as what the consumer would be purchasing.
  • All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the manufacturer and sent to the address below.
  • Include all items (including batteries) needed to properly evaluate the product.
  • Items will not be returned and become the property of What To Do With The Kids®.
  • All products and services must be available to the public at that time of submission or within 12 months of submission.
  • For services include any access passcodes along with a printed Application Form.
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for the review.
  • When a review is complete, we will forward our report to the manufacturer.
  • We will not release or publish any report that does not meet our criteria.
  • Submission of your product or service signifies that you understand and accept the Terms and Conditions as outlined below.


If your Product or Service is WTDWTK Approved:

  • You will be sent a promotional package by email containing various sizes and formats of the WTDWTK Approved logo and an explanation of how and how not it is to be used as outlined in our Corporate Identification Policy.
  • You will be granted permission to use the logo and the What To Do With The Kids® name as needed following our Corporate Identification Policy.
  • The logo must only be used for the version of the product or service that was submitted. Updated or revised versions of your product or service must not use the WTDWTK Approval logo.
  • Only links to can be attached to the logo.


If your Product or Service is NOT Approved:

  • You will receive a copy of our report.


Terms and Conditions:

  • The Prez Inc./What To Do With The Kids® is not responsible for any damages, real or implied, resulting from our review and is not responsible for any consequences that arise from your participation in this review.
  • The Prez Inc./What To Do With The Kids® is not responsible for delays or loss of the products during shipping.
  • You acknowledge and understand that failure to follow the terms of the Review and the WTDWTK Corporate Identification Policy will require the removal of the WTDWTK Approval logo and the What To Do With The Kids® name, at your expense, from all promotional material and advertising of any kind within 30 days from the date of notice.


How we review Products and Services:

We review all products and services using an extensive criterion which includes:

  • How does it look when purchased?
  • Are the directions and/or rules clear and easy to follow?
  • Is it easy to assemble or disassemble?
  • Is it safe for the assigned age group?
  • The retail price?
  • Does it offer value for the price?
  • Is it durable and well made?
  • Is it fun, creative or original?
  • Does it perform as advertised/promoted?
  • Is it educational?
  • Does it involve physical activity?
  • Does it come complete or are additional


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