Review: Board Book Albums



Board Book AlbumsThe Take Your Pix® photo album from Board Book Albums is a chunky board photo album that is not only durable and holds photos well but can also be customized like memory or scrapbook.  A great first album for the little ones.

We put 20 standard photos inside and tossed, bumped, dropped, kicked, punched and flipped it quite a few times expecting at least one photo to fall out.  Fortunately none did.  The photos sit behind a clear piece of plastic so dirty little fingers won’t damage the photos.  We tested a bright, shiny pink one that would be attractive to any kid.  It does however come in a number of colors.  Each page also has a cut out tab that lets little fingers in to turn the page.

A great feature of this photo album is that it can be decorated like a scrapbook.  Keeping in mind the age of the kid using the album, you can glue letters, names, stickers and anything else around the photos.  One great suggestion would be to have photos of family members inside with their names pasted around it to give the little ones a start at reading.  It’s also a great way to celebrate birthdays, parties and any other special event.

Although this album can be used for any type of photos, we think it’s great for little kids.


Our Recommendation:  YES


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