Resources for Parents


As much as you would like to think, raising kids can be overwhelming in certain situations and our Resources for Parents has links to the help you need.

Comparing your upbringing to that of your kid doesn’t always work and can make the problem worst.  A good parent recognizes a problem while a great parent knows when they need help.

This directory of resources is designed to provide adults with the information they need to find the help that can make a difference in their kid’s life.  We do not endorse or support any of the listings below and provide them as a service to our visitors. We do reserve the right to remove any listing at our sole discretion.


Counseling Drugs-Alcohol Mental-Health
Toy-Safety Sexuality
If you have a suggestion for a link please feel free to let us know.  Listings for registered non-profit or government agencies are listed at no charge.  Private and for-profit companies should visit our Ads/Listings section.