Creativity Programs for Kids and Adults

These Programs are designed to give kids and adults the opportunity to develop their creativity with no artistic skills required.

Adults will find these programs to not only be creative but a way to spend time with their kids and in some cases, help them save money.

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Programs for Kids



This full-day program teaches the basic skills used to design characters and backgrounds to create a cartoon.  Participants will learn how to design a character using a stick figure base to show movement and facial features to show emotions.  Background layouts will be discussed and designed to make the characters more believable with effective story lines and framing.   Age Group: 12 – 16 years. Ideal Location: Classroom.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.


Character Design

Participants will learn the basic skills needed in designing and drawing a character.  The character’s face and expression will be explored while the movement of the body will be studied.  Once the basics are established, the participants develop their own characters.   Age Group: 12 – 16 years. Ideal Location: Classroom.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.


Logo Design

The participants learn why and where logos are used and are asked to identify what these logos represent.  As the designer, the kids meet an imaginary client and understand what the purpose of the logo is, where it will be used and what image it will portray.  Once they understand the assignment given to them they are exposed to a few exercises that will help unleash their creativity.  The participants will then create a number of rough drawings that eventually lead to the final logo.   Age Group: 12 – 16 years. Ideal Location: Classroom.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.


Brochure Design

Brochures are still a great way to distribute information.  They can be found almost everywhere and despite the mass appeal of websites, brochures are an ideal way to promote a company or event.  Participants learn about the different types of brochures and how they are used.  They’ll learn about layout, the use of fonts and how to incorporate text and images.  Rough layouts are created and are used in the design of the final brochure.  Age Group: 12 – 16 years. Ideal Location: Classroom.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.


Cooperative Games

Cooperative Games consists of a series of organized games that are cooperative and not competitive. There are no winners or losers and scores are not kept. These fun and exciting games involve the kids working closely with each other to complete the tasks. Cooperation with others as well as problem solving are the two main skills that are developed while realizing that winning at something is not the end goal. These skills can be used in the kid’s everyday interaction with others and is ideal in helping to develop their leadership skills.  Age Group: 12 – 16 years. Ideal Location: Gymnasium.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.


Cooperative Games for Leaders

Cooperative games are great as ice-breakers and when kids just want to have fun without keeping track of who won or lost. Leaders learn how to organize and deliver the games by role playing and participating in actual games. This program is ideal for youth who are interested in working with kids in a camp setting or at a special event.  Age Group: 12 – 18 years. Ideal Location: Gymnasium.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.


Program Planning

Participants will discuss and review the many factors that must be considered in designing a program or special event for kids. We will discuss where programming ideas come from and how they can be adapted to your needs. The main areas of consideration are discussed and the second half of the program will see the participants split into groups to design their own special event.   Age Group: 12 – 18 years. Ideal Location: Classroom.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.


Starting a Small Business Basics

This intensive one-day program will give kids the basic knowledge and skills needed to start their own small business. Participants will discover product/service development and market research. Manufacturing and staffing costs along with marketing and promotions will be discussed. The second half of the program will have the group broken into smaller teams to create a “business.”  Age Group: 14 – 18 years. Ideal Location: Classroom.  Program Length: 5 – 6 Hours.



Programs for Adults


How to Do Crafts with Your Kids without Destroying Your Home

This program is designed to show parents (especially those without any artistic ability) how easy it is to make crafts with their kids without destroying their home.  Starting with finding the proper location, participants learn how to prepare their home and their kids.  Basic supplies including those purchased and those found around the home will be discussed along with ways to organize and store them.  The program ends with a few simple hands-on tips on how to cut, glue and paint.  This program is designed for parents, grandparents, youth workers, babysitters and anyone else interested in doing crafts with kids.  A supply list will be available following registration.  Age Group: 16+ years. Ideal Location: Classroom.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.


Mural Painting

Painting a wall or even a whole room with a colorful design or your kid’s favorite characters can really make someone feel good when they walk in but unlike the Sistine Chapel, you don’t need a lot of artistic talent.  We discuss the planning and preparation of the room along with creative ways to get the design you want on your wall.  Participants will review different painting techniques and how to mix paint to get the color you want.  Age Group: 16+ years. Ideal Location: Classroom.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.


Balloon Decorating

Balloons make any event a special event and with the right tools and know-how, you can create great looking balloon décor.  Pillars, arches, hanging clusters and balloon bouquets will be created in this hands-on class.  Various tips and techniques will make your guests think your event was decorated by a professional.  Age Group: 16+ years. Ideal Location: Classroom.  Program Length: 2 – 3 Hours.  A supply list will be available.


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