Why Hiring a Professional Entertainer is a Good Idea

Hire a Professional Entertainer Having a professional entertainer at your event creates a unique atmosphere. Receiving a party invitation is fun but getting one that says the entertainment will be provided by a professional creates a higher level of anticipation for the kids.

What To Do With The Kids offers almost everything a parent needs to host a pretty good party for their kids. Everything from invitations, party ideas, games and crafts, balloon decorations and even thank you cards but we also think that some events can use a professional entertainer such as a clown or a magician to make it really special.

But what should adults look for when they want to hire a professional entertainer? The first thought to most people is the price. There are also a lot of other factors to consider as well so we contacted the entertainers that are listed in one of our Directory of Entertainers and asked them what people should look for when hiring a professional entertainer.

What type of Entertainer?

Do you want a clown that does balloon animals; a magician; or a clown that does magic? What about a juggler or stilt walker? Would you like a clown to work his way through the crowd making balloon animals or a magician who also walks through the crowd but does close-up magic for small groups at a time? Will the entertainer be the headline of the event?

The Audience

Will it be made up of 6 year olds, teenagers or a cross-section of both adults and kids? It’s important to decide on who your audience is so that you can hire the appropriate entertainer. It will also help the entertainer to customize their act for your event.


Hiring someone based on the lowest price is not always the best choice. You have to ask how much value the entertainer will give you for the price. Younger and less experienced entertainers will be less than a seasoned veteran with many years of experience.  You must also consider what is involved in their act. Is it very simple or very elaborate? Discuss your event with the potential professional and listen carefully to what they offer and what they can bring to your event.

Experience and Training

How much experience does the entertainer have and where did they learn their craft? Keep in mind that many great entertainers have never been formally training but have developed their act over many years of performing.


The best way to find out if the entertainer is someone you’re looking for is to speak to the people who have hired him in the past. Most professionals will provide a list of referrals that you can contact and when you do, be prepared to ask a few specific questions unique to your type of event.


Is the entertainer insured and can they provide a letter of insurance? You don’t want anything bad to happen but sometimes accidents do happen. An entertainer with insurance is also serious about their business while someone without insurance may not.

Police Check

An up to date police check is vital if your event involves kids. Without a recent police check, we don’t recommend you hire them.

What Equipment is Supplied?

Professional entertainers usually have everything they need but sometimes they require a few things such as a power source to plug equipment in to. They may also require a table and chair or even a proper stage and sound system. Discuss with the entertainer what they provide and what they need. Don’t assume everything is available.

Time Frame

Most entertainers will need time before the scheduled start to set up and some time afterwards to pack up. If an entertainer quotes an amount of time, ask if that includes set-up and tear down.

Crowd Control

The entertainer is hired to entertain and they can’t do that if kids are running up on stage or people decide to get too close. You may also come across kids who don’t want to be there or are very disruptive which can ruin the performance. Having someone looking after the disruptive kids will help make the performance enjoyable for everyone. Some people may say that the entertainer should know how to handle kids and they do. What these people don’t realize is that it’s the rest of the audience that is losing out so always have someone to help keep things organized.

Size of Audience

It’s important that the entertainer know how large an audience they will be dealing with. It will make a big difference in their performance. Explain to them how many people you expect so that they can prepare.

Questions from the Entertainer

The entertainers want to contribute to the success of your event and will ask you questions about the event itself. They will want to know about everything we’ve discussed above as well as the purpose of the event and theme. The entertainer may make some suggestions that will make your event even better since in most cases, they have attended more of these types of events than you have.





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