Why you should list with us Q & A


Q:  I offer more than just one of the services listed.  Where should I list?

A:  We suggest that you list in the directories where you can offer that as a stand-alone service.  If you are a Clown that offers Balloon Twisting then you should consider listing under Clowns and Balloon Professionals.  If you do not offer Balloon Twisting alone then you should not list yourself in the Balloon Professional directory.


Q:  You don’t have anyone listed in my area?

A:  That’s great for you!  We list on a first-come, first-served basis so if you are the first to list, you will always be the first in that listing.  We launched these directories in December of 2013 and will always be reaching out to professional entertainers so don’t wait too long.


Q:  I already have enough business right now so I don’t need to list.

A:  Experienced sales and marketing people will tell you that advertising your service when you are busy is the ideal time to promote yourself.  Many people wait until business is slow before they advertise and end up starting from scratch.  Promoting your business while it’s busy will help reach more people by keeping your name “top-of-mind”.  Entertainers are in a business that people don’t look for every day.  Keeping your name out there will give you a better chance to be considered when people are looking for the right entertainer.  Our extremely low cost makes keeping your name out there very affordable.


Q:  Why are your fees so low when other directories charge a lot more?

A:  Our goal is to create a great directory of professional kids entertainers and by offering such a low price, we are able to make our service affordable to those who want to attract more customers.   Our low fees will not last forever.


Q:  I am already listed on a number of association directories so why do I need to list with you?

A:  What To Do With The Kids® is the website that your customers actually go to on a regular basis.  They visit us for our games, crafts, party ideas, downloads, special reports and our directories of kid and family-friendly things to do.  When parents look for party ideas they’ll find an ad on the side of the page leading them to various kids’ entertainers that they may have never considered.


Q:  Other directories offer me a profile page.  Why don’t you?

A:  The purpose of our listing and social media efforts is to get people to go to YOUR website.  Your website is your electronic brochure that you update when you want to.  Posting profiles on directories puts the onus on you to constantly update your profile which wastes your time and can cost you money.  Our listings, ads and social media notices lead to you and not us.



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