Lice: The word that causes panic

Lice that word that causes panic. It doesn’t have to be that way.  You need to get good information about what to look for, how to safely treat and how to deal with your environment.

If you suspect lice, you need to know where to look. Lice like to lay their eggs around the hairline at the nape of the neck and the hairline around the ears.  Lint or dandruff can be easily plucked off a hair but eggs are glued on one side of the hair shaft.  These eggs are laid close to the scalp as close as 2mm. People often think they will see lice in the hair and that is often not the case.  They do move fast making them hard to find. You are better off looking for the eggs than a louse.

If you have found eggs or a louse now you have to do a treatment.  Products from the drug store contain pesticides and insecticides which can be harmful or just don’t work.  Many of them claim to kill eggs but that is just not true.  If it was then you wouldn’t have to do the 2nd treatment that is required.  The most important information is that there is nothing on the market that kills eggs.  You must manually removal all the eggs to be successful, any eggs left behind only mean the infestation will continue.  Natural products and a great comb is how to be successful in removing lice and eggs. Lice Services Canada carries an exclusive line of pesticide free products and the best comb on the market that can help you become lice free.

Removing the lice and eggs is only one step in getting lice out of your life.  You also must do your environment.  Some people go to the extreme on this part of the process and you really only need to do a few steps.

  • All bedding (including blankets, sheets, pillow cases, and pillows) should be placed in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes. Remember water doesn’t kill lice but high heat does.
  • Anything that can’t be placed in dryer such as decorative pillows and stuffed animals put away for 48 hours.
  • Vacuum or couches, carpets, car, car seats, helmets, backpacks etc.

Not sure it is lice?  Take a picture and send it to us for a free diagnosis.  Need some advice?  We are happy to share all of our knowledge to get you lice free.  Don’t want to tackle this yourself? Our technicians are experts and can remove lice efficiently.  They have over 50 years combined experience in lice removal. We have a centrally located clinic and a mobile team for your convenience.

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Anne Doswell is the owner of Lice Services Canada.  Her team of technicians have been in the lice business for over 10 years treating thousands of heads in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.  Their mandate is to educate and offer safe treatment for lice removal.  They have a centrally located clinic and a mobile team for your convenience. They also do head checks in schools, daycares and camps.  With a full line of pesticide free products and the best metal comb on the market they can help you with all your lice removal needs. 



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