Lesson #3: People Have Died for your Freedom

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Remembrance Day and Memorial Day are the one day of the year that we officially take time to thank the brave men and women who risked their lives and paid the ultimate price so that we can live in freedom.  Unfortunately, this message has been lost on the kids and adults are not helping.

There are some adults that don’t like the idea of honoring our soldiers because they believe it celebrates war and that war is not the right way to settle differences between countries.  Some schools have changed their memorial ceremonies to the point where old weapons from museums are no longer displayed by veterans.  These schools feel that it would encourage kids to become violent.  Unfortunately they are doing a great disservice to the kids.

No one likes war and very few want to be killed in action but unfortunately war was (and in some cases still is) a necessary evil that young men, some as young as 16, were called upon to fight.  In two different World Wars the western world knew that what was happening in Europe was a threat to freedom everywhere.  Diplomacy did not work and there was no other option but to take up arms.  To do nothing was not an option.

Doctors, teachers, lawyers, farmers, husbands, truckers, managers, fathers and even professional athletes left to fight in a foreign land.  They left their family and friends behind, not knowing if they would come back home alive.  Many lied about their age so that they could enlist.  They were scared but they were brave and they believed in their hearts what they were doing was right.

They were trained to fight and kill.

Many did return.  Some were physically the same as when they left.  Those that returned also carried the sounds and images of the horror they witnessed.  They saw their brothers in arms die next to them.  Others came back with missing limbs.  Many did not return and are buried where they fell.  They stared death in the face knowing that what they were doing was right.

Because of these sacrifices, evil was turned away and we are able to live our lives in freedom.  Unfortunately many people today don’t or are unwilling to understand how different their lives would be if we did not win World War I or II.  A perfect example would be to take a close look at how women are treated in the Middle East.

Memorial Day and Remembrance Day do not celebrate war but honors the sacrifices all men and women have made over the years (and continue to do so) to protect and maintain our freedom.  Kids MUST be aware of this in the hope that they develop an appreciation of what these people had done and continue to do so.

I strongly recommend that older kids see the first part of the movie “Saving Private Ryan.”  Many soldiers will tell you that what you see in the first 20 minutes of the opening battle is exactly what it was like in war.  You cannot watch that and not understand the sacrifices that were made.

Kids today can go to school, play sports, watch television, listen to bad music and wear the clothes they want.  Adults can go to work, travel, buy a home, raise a family and complain about their kid’s music because of what are soldiers have done and what they continue to do.

To not recognize them would be a disgrace.  On November 11, the kids must honor them.


100 Lessons Kids Should Learn
3.  People have died for your freedom. Don’t give it up.

Kids as young as 16 have fought and died in World Wars and soldiers today are risking and losing their lives so that you can go to school, play video games, wear baggy pants and complain about how tough your parents are on you.