Introducing SitterAdvantage

SitterAdvantage from What To Do With The KidsSitterAdvantage is the new app from What To Do With The Kids that will not only make babysitters and nannies better but also offer parents the peace-of-mind of knowing that their kids are happy and safe.  Now available for iPhone and Android, this app helps sitters choose the right jobs, have fun with the kids and helps keep them safe in the event of an emergency.

SitterAdvantage allows the sitter or nanny to keep important information about the kids and parents in case of an emergency.  Along with the parent’s contact information, a profile of each kid is created which includes any handicaps or disabilities, any medications they are taking along with any allergies they may have.  A photo is easily taken and added to complete the profile that can be used in the event of an emergency.

An emergency button appears on every page of SitterAdvantage.  With one touch, the Call 911 icon appears allowing the sitter to call for help.  The Show My Location icon uses the phone’s GPS to find where they are so that help can find them if they are away from home.  The home address along with the profiles of all the kids and parent’s contact information is also displayed so that there is no delay in providing the right information to the 911 operator.

hand-with-phone-in-playroomAll special instructions from the parents are followed by entering them into the tasks section.  The sitter enters the task, details and a reminder can be set.  It’s a great feature to help put the kids to bed on time or for the really important things such as when to give medicine to the kid.

For parents who don’t want their kids sitting in front of a screen when they are gone, the resources section features links to games, crafts and activities on What To Do With The Kids, the website that adults go to when they want to know what to do with their kids.  The sitter can easily find a fun craft, game or activity to do with the kids.

The resources section also feature checklists that will help the sitter or nanny choose a job, prepare for it and offer advice on what to look for when they arrive at the job.

All of the information entered is safe and secure since SitterAdvantage does not transmit any information, there is no advertising and no additional features to purchase.  All information entered is for the sitter’s use in case of an emergency and can easily be removed if requested by the parents.

SitterAdvantage is available for the iPhone and Android smartphones.  More information can be found HERE.




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