How to prepare your kids and yourself for a babysitter

How to prepare your kids and yourself for a babysitterOne of the greatest developments in parenting has to be the evolution of the babysitter. 

A babysitter allows parents to leave their kids in the care of another (hopefully) responsible person so that they can earn a living or just get away to relax but for many kids and their parents, they may not be comfortable with having someone else come into their lives.

Some kids go to a daycare center or to someone’s home during the week so everyone quickly adjusts but for kids, especially toddlers who have not been away from their parents for any long period of time, it can be traumatic.  “Who is this person and where’s my mom”?

The same however can also be said about the parents, especially those who are home with their kids.  They have become accustomed to looking after the little ones 24/7 but the thought of leaving them in the care of (hopefully) a responsible person can be traumatic for them as well.  “What if this person starts having a drug fueled orgy in the living room and my kid starts doing tequila shots off the backside of a hooker when I’m gone?”

One way to get everyone comfortable about using a babysitter is to have them come over for a short test run.  Invite the sitter over for just an hour to introduce them to your kids and to see what kind of rapport they have together.  It will also give you an idea of what kind of person they are around your kids.  An hour or so should do.

If the first visit goes well, invite the sitter to come over for an afternoon while you do something else around the house or leave the house entirely for a short time.  Ideally, the sitter will be keeping the kids busy with something other than a screen.  (Tip:  SitterAdvantage can help with that.)

Finally, have the sitter come over for an evening and you can go out for a bit.  Just long enough for the sitter to put your kid to bed.  Hopefully, your kids will feel comfortable having someone else there and there won’t be any problems.

As the parent you will also (hopefully) get comfortable with having someone in your home looking after your prized possessions. 

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