We are now accepting articles for WTDWTK


What To Do With The Kids is the website that adults go to when they want to know what to do with their kids.  The website features games, crafts, party ideas, a market place and a directory of kid and family-friendly places to go and things to do in select cities.  We are now accepting articles from guest writers to be featured on our website.

As a parenting website, we are constantly looking for interesting stories that might be of interest to our visitors.  Topics can range from parenting, childcare and school issues, all the way to travel tips, party planning suggestions and sleepover tips.  We are not looking for ad copy.

WTDWTK however does reserve the right to refuse or edit any of the content submitted.  By submitting an article, you will allow WTDWTK to post the article on www.whattodowiththekids.com and promote it on all available channels including social media at our discretion.  Your article must be an original piece of work between 800 – 1400 words.  There will be no compensation provided.   

To submit your article:  Send the article as part of the email body text to brian@whattodowiththekids.com along with your name, location, email, telephone and web address.  We will contact you following a review.  This may not be immediate.


Terms and Conditions

Upon submitting your article to whattodowiththekids.com, you agree to the following: Your article will be reviewed prior to posting. The Prez Inc. (legal owner of whattodowiththekids.com) reserves the right to refuse any article and/or control or restrict its use on the website. You warrant that the article will not knowingly violate any law or regulations or infringe upon or violate the copyright, trademark, or other proprietary right(s) or confidential information of any third party, or violate any right of privacy. If these representations shall be untrue or this warranty is breached, you agree to hold harmless whattodowiththekids.com and The Prez Inc., as well as any of its’ officers, directors, employees and agents, from any and all liability, damages, losses, claims, actions, judgments, and costs, including attorney’s fees, arising as a result of any infringement upon the rights of a third party. You will not receive any compensation for your submission.  The Prez Inc. cannot be held liable for any consequential or special damages such as profit losses, real or imagined. Your submission will confirm your review and acceptance of the above terms and conditions.


If you have any questions, please contact Brian at brian@whattodowiththekids.com.