10 i’s of Leadership 4 Kids

WTDWTK-Guest-ColumnIf you consider the alphabet, you could probably think of a leader quality for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z. But, we started with i, and discovered how important the “i” is to the leader in “U”!


What is leadership?

Leadership gives voice to a vision. Your vision releases the voltage of human potential which energizes you to take action, infused with a purpose. Leaders often bring their friends along on this remarkable journey.

Leadership helps you turn intentions (plans) into real actions to create change that is visible. This process turns a vision into an act of leadership to create a program, or a building, an invention, or something real that actually takes shape. This act of leading has a way of motivating people to work together to achieve big goals.  Leadership action positively changes a community, a state, a nation, the world and you!


Who are leaders? What do they do? How do they act?

  • Leaders create passion & excitement
  • Leaders enjoy people & have fun
  • Leaders get along with many different kinds of people
  • Leaders are trustworthy and respect others
  • Leaders see new ways of doing things
  • Leaders are courageous risk-takers
  • Leaders use their imagination to find answers
  • Leaders are moral
  • Leaders are passionate about what they do
  • Leaders do things that make a difference in the world

Young people are like sponges. They soak up everything around them. Kids imitate the words and actions of peers and especially their parents. Leaders draw people to them like magnets. When a leader is open, fun to be with and full of great ideas, their magnetic personality attracts others. People like to be around the person who is leading the parade, because they are creative, uplifting and encouraging to others. It’s stimulating and exciting to be around a leader!

Leaders are important role models. They show the way, steer the boat, draw the map, and lead by example. Every child is a leader in the making. Each leader is unique and has several talents waiting to be discovered.

What do you do best?

What do you love to do?

What kinds of qualities make you stand out in the crowd?

Why do others follow you and how do you lead?

Using your talents to lead in what you do best can make you happier and increase your creativity. This fosters opportunities to think differently, sometimes called “blue-sky” thinking, which starts the innovation engine. Kids have many talents and gifts and are natural idea makers.

Do you have a super idea?  Are you a super leader?

Explore new ways to look at problems and try to solve them in creative ways.  Life is full of solving problems every day. Innovative thinkers turn problems into solutions, creating change. This kind of change has a positive impact on people and society and tells us there is a better way. This is what leaders do. Consider vision. What does it mean to be visionary?
Be on the lookout for new adventures to stimulate the creation of new ideas, plans, projects, products, possibilities, or inventions. How does your vision meet a need, create a new product, help people grow, or solve a problem in a new way?

Entrepreneurs are inventors and innovators. Ann Moore created the Snugli baby carrier, where a baby is carried close to the mother’s body. Dean Kamen invented the Segway, an amazing new mode of traveling that moves people on an upright personal transporter.  Kamen and Moore are inventors and entrepreneurs, as well as blue-sky thinkers.  Do you have a “blue-sky” vision?

One of the most important qualities of super leaders is building positive relationships. Leaders know how to enjoy people and make an effort to grow positive friendships. In the family of relationships, reconciliation is a very strong leader quality.  Knowing how to reconcile wrongs by confronting the situation in a positive way, talking about the problem, and trying to come up with a solution, is the best way to reconcile.

Problems and differences between people or nations must be talked about. We need to listen to people.  Problems need to be looked at from all points of view to reach a resolution that is fair to all. Reconciliation is not easy, but it will bring great rewards when people come together with the capacity for understanding and peace.

Leaders are moral. As a leader, you must be morally responsible. This means knowing right from wrong. Most young people intuitively know what is right from wrong. As role models, leaders must understand the consequences of immoral behavior and try to make things right.

Finally, leaders stand up for what they believe. There is no greater task  than forming your own opinion, taking a stand, and then rising up for what you believe in, whether you stand alone or with others. Taking a stand and knowing what you believe in, is a powerful tool and one of the most important qualities of leadership and being a leader of the future.


10 i’s of Leadership


Leaders are always honest and go by the rules, because they understand fair play is the only way to win the game. In the end, honesty always triumphs and creates a win/win for all.

Leaders are always searching for new and better ways to do things. They love discovery and the joyous adventure of exploring new possibilities. They are idea makers, innovators and shapers of the future.
3. A LEADER always INSPIRES others

Leaders spark others to do their best in whatever they try, inspiring them to use their unique gifts and talents to reach their highest potential. Leaders energize others to take action on their dreams and goals.

Leaders see how smart ideas can be powered into action; they just Do IT! Leaders are often the first when it comes to leading the parade, but they make sure to include others to help pave the way.

Leaders are magnetic and attract others to their ideas. They are enthusiastic about life. They are able to persuade others, because they stand up for what is important and right in the eyes of all, therefore others are influenced in positive ways by their actions.

A leader has the quality of an imaginative mind and spirit. They look at life through unique glasses, seeing the unusual, the unexpected and the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Leaders welcome many kinds of people into their lives, regardless of background, experience or education. This kind of thinking brings richness to your lives and relationships.

A leader loves the discovery, adventure and freedom to play with new possibilities; a leader thrives on idea mapping and blue-sky thinking.

Leaders are motivated from the inside out. Their drive comes from within and is exhibited by their outward behavior. A leader’s spirit is nourished day by day and grows stronger year by year.

Leaders focus on empowering others to reach their goals. The process of working together to reach goals enhances an individual’s worth and productivity in the world.
Every Child Can Become A leader!


Judith Addington
Founder/Chief Visionary Cat/CEO
COOL CATS Super Leadership 4 Kids, LLC


COOL CATS empowers future leaders with fun and practical leader skill-building Apps, tools and products to inspire kids ages 6 to 12, moms & dads, educators, home schools, businesses, and general consumers on how the young can embrace their gifts and talents to become tomorrow’s leaders. These new leaders will transform the world. We motivate and challenge a child’s highest God-given potential because we believe kids can be inspired to make the world a better place. Why? Leader traits begin to emerge in kids between the ages of 6 and 10.