The Card Shuffle


A great ice breaker that works with any size of group. 


Equipment Needed:

A chair for everyone and a deck of playing cards.


How To Play:

With all the chairs in a circle facing inward, the leader walks around the group and assigns everyone a suit in order (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) until everyone is assigned (every fourth person should have the same suit.)

The leader shuffles the deck of playing cards and begins to select one from the top. Everyone who has been assigned that suit must move to the left, that many number of spaces (example: if the five of hearts is selected, all “hearts” must move five seats to the left.) All others must remain seated.

In many cases, people will have to sit on other people and you may end up with three or four people on one chair. People cannot move if there is someone sitting on them regardless of what card has been chosen.

Aces are worth one, the Jack is worth 11, the Queen is worth 12 and the King is worth 13. If a Joker is selected, everyone (who does not have anyone sitting on them) moves to the right one seat.


Brian says:

This was one of my favorite “ice breaker” games at summer camp.


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