Punch Buggy


Here are the official rules of this classic competition that will live on for generations.


Equipment Needed:



How To Play:

All participants must be aware of the game prior to playing. People not wanting to play must not be touched.

When a classic Volkswagen Beetle car (known affectionately as a “bug”) is seen, a person may shout “punch buggy” and the color of the vehicle followed by “no punch back.”  Example: “punch buggy blue, no punch back.” This is followed by a gentle punch on the other person’s arm.

The person receiving the punch may not hit back as long as “no punch back” is called.  If not, the person may punch the person back.

If the person mistakes a car for a classic Volkswagen Beetle car and makes contact with another person, they will receive a penalty of two (2) hits from the recipient.

If the person calls out the wrong car color and makes contact, they are penalized two (2) hits from the recipient.  Example:  While riding in a vehicle someone calls out “punch buggy blue, no punch backs” and makes contact only to find out that the car was actually black, the person is penalized two (2) punches.

The driver is not eligible to play as this may be dangerous.  The driver is also the judge in the event of a suspected tie.


Brian suggests:

The purpose of the game is not to hurt the other person, so take it easy!


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