Parachute Games


Although popular many years ago, Parachute Games are timeless and a lot of fun.  When the kids work together, there are an endless amount of games that can be played. 


Equipment Needed:

Parachute or large bed sheet, utility or volley balls.


How To Play:

The parachute should be spread out in the middle of the area. Space everyone evenly around the parachute and have them grab the parachute with both hands. Here are just a few of the games you can play:

The Wave: with everyone holding their piece of the parachute on the ground, one person raises then lowers their piece, followed by the next person similar to the wave at stadiums.

Around the Horn: a volleyball is placed at one end. The group must work together to have the ball go around the parachute.

Play Catch: a volleyball is placed in the middle. On the leader’s count, everyone raises their piece of the parachute to fling the ball into the air. The group must then try to catch the ball.

Switch-A-Roo: every one is given a number one, two, three or four. Grabbing their piece of the parachute the group starts to raise the parachute simultaneously until it is over everyone’s head. When the parachute is above everyone’s head, the group leader calls out a number. Everyone with that number must let go of the parachute and run to another spot and grab the parachute before it falls to the ground. The group leader may also call out two numbers or call “odd numbers” or “even numbers.”


Brian suggests:

The secret to successful parachute games is for everyone to have a firm grip on the parachute.


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