Mix Up at the Zoo


Mix Up at The Zoo is a great ice breaker game that can be adapted to any age group as well as large groups.


Equipment Needed:

Paper, tape, head bands or hats.


How To Play:

Each person in the group will be assigned an animal name on a slip of paper, taped or fastened to their forehead. Each person must then roam throughout the crowd. When they meet someone else, they may each address only one question to the other. Obviously, since they already can see what animal the other person is, the object of the questioning is to try to find out what type of animal they themselves are. The questions must be answered only with a yes or no (example: do I live in the water?). Once a person has figured out what animal he or she is, they must find another of the same type. There may be two, three or even four of each animal type depending on the size of your group.


Brian says:

This is an awesome game with a really large group!


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