Guess What?


A great parlor game that explores people’s creativity and artistic abilities.  The least artistic the better for fun and laughs.


Equipment Needed:

Poster paper or chalk board or dry erase board, appropriate drawing material and a list of things to draw.


How To Play:

The group is divided into two teams. The first team sends their first “drawer” to the board where they will reach into a container to select a piece of paper with the item that they must draw. The “drawer” is given ninety seconds to draw the item without using words, logos and sounds. Team members will then start to shout out answers during this time. Once the correct answer is said within the ninety seconds, the team receives one point. If, after ninety seconds, the first team cannot guess the answer, the second team can offer one guess. If the second team’s guess is correct, they get a point. Regardless of who gets the point, the two teams alternate turns. Everyone on each team must have the opportunity to be the “drawer”.


Brian suggests:

Have the pieces of paper with the items to be drawn prepared in advance. Some items that can be used are animals, sports, cities and buildings (library, hospital). Older kids may choose their own subjects. Have each team member write down their item and place them all in a container for the opposing team to choose from. They may choose popular movies, music or events.


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