Crows and Cranes


Crows and Cranes is a great active ice-breaker game that gets the kids running and laughing. 


Equipment Needed:



How To Play:

Divide the group into two teams and have them line up parallel to each other. One team is called the “crows” while the other is called the “cranes”. A boundary line or marker runs parallel to each group about ten feet away. This line marks the safe zone. The group leader will call either crows or cranes. When “crows” are called, the crows must tag the cranes before they reach the safe zone. When “cranes” is called, the cranes must tag the crows before they reach their safe zone. The leader however may call a different name such as cracker, crab and crocodile to just keep them on their toes.


Brian suggests:

Another favorite of mine. You can play this the shallow end of a swimming area as well.


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