Cone Ball


Equipment Needed:

3 volleyballs and 2 pylons.


How To Play:

Divide the group into two teams. One person from each team is selected as the goalie. A gymnasium’s basketball court is ideal as the boundary lines. The basketball key is the goalie’s crease where a pylon is placed with a volleyball on top. No one, but the goalie for that team, can enter the crease. A point is scored any time the ball falls off the pylon (even if it is knocked over by the goalie). The “live” ball is moved down the court using the three steps or three seconds rule. Each person can take up to three steps with the ball, and must pass the ball within three seconds or the opposing team gains possession of the ball at that spot.


Brian says:

“If you can, try to divide the teams so they are somewhat equal in athletic ability.”


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