A classic parlor game that can be played anywhere with almost no equipment but lots of laughs. Charades is great when kids are just hanging around.


Equipment Needed:

Paper and pen.


How To Play:

The group is divided into two teams. The first team has someone come to the front of their group and select a piece of paper with the item that they must act out. The person is given three minutes to act out the item without speaking. The team then starts to shout out answers. Once the correct answer is said within the time allowed, the team receives one point. If at the end of the allowed time the first team cannot guess the answer, the second team can offer one guess. If the second team’s guess is correct, they get a point. Regardless of who gets the point, the two teams alternate turns. Everyone on each team must have the opportunity to act out. This is the classic party game.


Brian suggests:

You may have the pieces of paper with the items to be used prepared in advance.


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