Boom Coming Over


Boom Coming Over will get the kids running, stopping and thinking the whole time as they react to the commands. 


Equipment Needed:



How To Play:

This game is ideal for a large room or gymnasium. The game’s setting is on an imaginary cargo ship. One wall is the “Captain’s Cabin”, one is the “Life boat”, one is the “Galley” and another “Starboard”. To start the game the entire group stands in the middle of the gym.

The group leader will shout an area of the ship where everyone must run to. The last person there is eliminated. If the group leader shouts “Boom coming over,” everyone must lie down flat on the ground (because the boom is bringing cargo onto the ship). If the group leader shouts “Scrub the deck”, everyone must get on their hands and knees and make circular motions on the floor with one hand. If the group leader shouts “Elbow grease”, everyone must scrub the floor using their elbow. The last person to do any of these is eliminated. The group leader can also try to eliminate people by shouting “Captains cabin” while everyone is already there. Anyone who leaves the wall is eliminated.


Brian says:

“For safety, do not shout “Boom coming over” when the group is running close to a wall.”


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