Easter Fun for the Kids




Easter is great time of year if you’re a kid.  Of course, it is a religious celebration but there is no reason why the kids can’t have a little extra fun with it so that’s why we’ve collected a bunch of Easter fun to help you make it fun for them.


Tips on Organizing an Easter Party

If you’re thinking of throwing a kid’s Easter Party, we’ve got almost everything you need to know.  Click HERE.

Party Invitations

Easter Party Invite 1      Easter Party Invite 2
Easter Party Invite 3


Paper Mache Easter Egg  –  Easter Bunny Basket  –  Bunny Ears  –  Spring Chick 
Stained Glass Easter Egg  –  Paper Roll Easter Bunny  –  Easter Egg Family
Stitches, The Bunny Basket  –  Easter Egg Candy Dish  –  Easter Egg Holder  –  Easter Bunny Treat Cup

and many more CRAFTS  you can create with that Easter touch.

Crafts in GREEN will open a page from a member of the WTDWTK Craft Network.


If you have any Easter party, crafts or game ideas, please let us know at stuff@whattodowiththekids.com.