Stuffed Flowers


Materials Needed:Stuffed-Flower

Construction paper, stuffing (newspapers, tissue paper, cotton, etc.), crayons, markers or paint, stapler, glue, craft sticks.



Place two pieces of construction paper together and draw a flower on the top page. Holding both pieces together, carefully cut out the shape. Color or paint petals and seeds. Staple the two pieces together allowing a section on the bottom to be left open to insert stuffing. Stuffing materials should be limited to small pieces.

Carefully insert stuffing inside using a craft stick to move it into place. Color or paint craft stick and allow to dry. Put a generous amount of glue onto the end of a craft stick and insert the stick into the flower making sure that the sides of the flower make contact with the craft stick. Allow to dry. Staple any openings on either side of craft stick.


Brian says:

Add small drawings of ladybugs, butterflies or ants.

Use in planters.

If you use the larger craft sticks (tongue depressors) you can use the flowers as a bookmark.


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