Stained Glass Easter Eggs

Stained Glass Eggs are a great way to decorate a room but look best when they are taped to a window with lots of sunlight.  The combinations of colored construction and tissue paper are endless.


Stained glass Easter Egg


Construction paper, scissors, pencil, different color tissue paper, glue or tape.



(A) Fold the construction paper in half and draw an oval from the top of the paper at the fold to the bottom at the fold to resemble half an egg.  Use scissors to cut along the line so that when the paper is unfolded, you have the shape of the egg.

(B) Keep the paper folded and draw lines and shapes from the fold out towards the edge but not to the end.  Leave at least a one half inch border around the outside of the paper.

(C) Carefully cut along the lines starting from the fold while keeping some space between each cut.  Unfold and flatten.

(D) Select different colors of tissue paper and cut to fit over each space so that it overlaps.  You will need space to glue or tape the paper to your egg.

(E) ­Once all of the openings have been covered, turn over and you will have a stained glass egg.



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