Pencil Caddy


Materials Needed:Pencil-Caddy

Sturdy paper plate, cardboard, 5-7 frozen juice containers, construction paper, crayons, markers or paint, scissors, glue.



Cut frozen juice containers so that they vary in height. Wrap a piece of construction paper around each.

Cut out a piece of cardboard so that it fits on top of the paper plate. Arrange juice containers on the cardboard so that the taller ones are in the middle surrounded by the shorter ones. Carefully trace the outline of the containers onto the cardboard.

Remove the containers and carefully cut out the area where the containers were traced.

Glue cardboard to the plate. Apply a generous amount of glue to the bottom of the containers and quickly insert them inside the piece of cardboard in the place they were marked. You may only have a few minutes to place them before they dry.

Decorate and allow to dry.


Brian says:

To keep the caddy from slipping off the table, glue a few pieces of rubber underneath.


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