Paper Bag Basket


Materials Needed:Paper-Bag-Basket

Large paper bag, scissors, crayons, markers or paint, miscellaneous crafts



With the bag folded, cut the top two inches off so that you have a ring. Cut the ring and fold the strip over so that you have a strip that is one inch thick. Apply glue to hold strip together.

Unfold the bag so that it stands up. From one of the corners, cut halfway down. Repeat on the other three corners. Fold the panels over and glue down.

Glue one end of the one-inch strip to one side and place the other end on the opposite side. If the strip creates a handle that is too high, simply cut off a small piece until the right size is achieved. Glue into place.

Decorate and enjoy.


Brian says:

Fill with shredded color paper and place Easter eggs inside.


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