Life Like Collector’s Plate


Materials Needed:Collectors-Plate

Paper plate, crayons, markers or paint, glue, pine cones, twigs, sand, leaves and anything else that is available outside without damaging the environment.



You will be using the center part of the plate. Not the rim.

Color the top half of the plate a light blue. Spread glue all over the bottom half and cover with sand, grass or leaves.

Glue a large stick that begins at the bottom of your plate. It should stop short of reaching the opposite side. This is the trunk of your tree.

Glue smaller sticks beside the larger one to form the tree branches.

Glue crumpled leaves or grass onto the ends the sticks, and on the larger stick, to form the foliage of your tree. Small pine needles work well also.

Use pine needles or crumpled leaves or bark to the side of your tree to represent rocks, bushes or anything else you would find in the woods. Glue into place.

Allow to dry and hang.


Brian says:

You can create any kind of scene using the materials available around your camp site.


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