Greeting Card Box


Materials Needed:Greeting-Card-Box

Greeting card, pencil, ruler, scissors, glue or tape.



Cut the greeting card at the fold to make a top (cover) and a bottom (inside).

Trim one eighth of an inch off the top and side of the bottom (inside) piece. Measure and draw a one inch border along the sides of both pieces. Fold at lines and run the pencil along each fold. Unfold.

From the shortest side, draw a one and one-half inch line along one of the creases. Cut along the one and one-half inch line. You should be left with four flaps.

Fold the long sides up and fold the tabs inward. Fold the shortest side up so that it is outside of the tabs of the long sides. Fold the top of this side so that it partially covers the two tabs from the sides. Tape or glue into place. Repeat with other piece of the greeting card.

The top (cover) of the greeting card should fit over the bottom (inside) to form a box.


Brian says:

Select cards that have a nice design or pattern.

If the bottom portion of the greeting card has been written on, use another bottom or a blank piece of Bristol Board.

You can use any blank card stock but remember to decorate prior to folding.


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