Easter Egg Holders

These Easter Egg Holders can be used as decorations or place settings and do not take a lot of time to make.

Materials:Easter Egg Holder
Construction paper, scissors, markers and/or crayons, hardboiled egg, old Easter cards, tape or glue, water-based sealant.

Place a sheet of construction paper on a table and hold an egg at one edge. With a marker, mark the paper about one-third to three-quarters of the way along the egg. Draw a line across the paper and cut a strip. Take the strip and wrap it around the egg just slightly below the half-way point and glue or tape together to form a ring. The egg should fit inside the ring without falling over. If it does, add another strip around it to strengthen it.

Take images cut from old Easter cards or photos from magazines and glue onto the ring. For strength, glue the image to a piece of construction paper and then cut around the image and glue into the ring.

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