Easter Egg Family

Kids can create an image of what it would look like to have an Easter Egg Family. You can make this craft very simple for the younger kids while the older ones can get very creative.

Materials:Easter Egg Family
Hard boiled eggs (one for each family member), egg carton, old towel or rag, assorted color markers, construction paper, glue and assorted craft items and scraps found around the house.

First you should discuss what the features are of each person. Does someone have a beard, glasses, wear a hat, etc.? Write these features down and start designing using the materials you have on hand.

When working on a hardboiled egg, place it on an old towel or rag to keep it from rolling around. Start with the facial features and work from there. You can keep it simple by just drawing everything with the markers or you can use the construction paper to make glasses, hair or even clothes. Other items can be used such as cotton balls or yarn for hair; buttons or googly eyes; pieces of felt or material for clothing.

When all members of the family are complete, take the egg carton and cut so that there is a place for each one. You can also decorate the egg carton itself and fill each compartment with shredded paper, cotton balls or yarn.

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