Easter Egg Candy Dish

An Easter Egg Candy Dish can be used to store candy eggs or even used as a centerpiece for Easter dinner. This craft is ideal to make over a couple of days.

Easter Egg Candy Dish

Paper mache (flour, water, salt), newspapers, balloons, paint, brushes, scissors.

Slowly add water to a cup of flour until it forms paste like thick pancake batter and add a bit of salt.

(A) Blow up a balloon and start covering it with strips of newspaper that has been dipped in the paste. Once thick enough, place out of the way and allow it to dry completely overnight or until there are no wet spots.

(B) Once it is completely dry, puncture the balloon inside and cut the craft in half so that you have a top and bottom.

(C) Take the top half and place on a table with the cut part down and the round portion on top. About half way up, draw a line around it and cut so that you end up with a ring. Discard the round portion. The ring is now the base.

(D) You can now turn the larger half over and place it inside the ring.

Paint and decorate the two pieces and once completely dry, fill with wrapped Easter candy or treats.  We don’t recommend using it for loose items such as jelly beans.

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