Craft Stick Frame


Materials Needed:Craft-Stick-Frame

Craft sticks, glue, photograph



Lay out craft sticks, side by side, so they are wider than the photograph.

Glue craft sticks across the group so that they form a mini wall. Stagger them along the width so that the maximum thickness at any point is two layers. Turn over. This forms your backing.

Place photograph onto backing, and lightly trace the outline.

Place craft sticks around the bottom and sides. Leave the top open. Glue into place.

You may have to cut craft sticks to fit. If so, cut both pieces to eliminate the rounded ends, so that they rest flush against each other. Place photograph inside frame. It should fit snugly.

Place another layer of sticks around the perimeter on top of the last one, but place the craft sticks so that half the width is set inside the frame. This will hold the photograph in place. Allow to dry.

Paint the frame the color of your choice and decorate with miscellaneous craft supplies.


Brian says:

“Replace photograph regularly for a change of scenery.

Glue magnets onto the back to place on refrigerator.


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